We offer efficient services to help you reach your goals faster

TS2G experts can add the online chatting feature on your website or application to offer your visitors on-time communication with the support team. We also adopt sophisticated video and audio conferencing tools to ensure effective, continual communication with you. We are keen to maintain a flexible interaction with our clients to inform them of any updates and exchange critical information and ideas.

We provide guaranteed Payment Gateway Integration that helps you promote more sales worldwide and reduce fraud-related losses, along with SMS Integration to add SMS text messaging into your website. In addition to Email Integration that allows a flexible connection between the email service provider of your platform and marketing tools, and Google Map Integration. Not forgetting the SDK Integration that enables you to import a library file into any electronic project to utilize that file’s functions.

TS2G studies customers' needs in targeted areas and determines the competencies required to implement high-quality technical projects at affordable prices. Our staff can deliver highly- functional and engaging web products and costumed web solutions for enterprises. They also produce a wide range of well-built software products by navigating the global market’s needs. Besides, we offer TS2G Online Platform that aims to reach large numbers of professionals and connect them to clients around the world.

TS2G has a dedicated marketing team to create marketing content, prepare marketing plans, conduct digital competitive analysis, and manage social media accounts. They are also specialized in content management and editing for images, video, audio, and any kind of content that needs to be created, stored, or even deleted.

We hire highly-qualified data analysts to collect and analyse data from the client accurately to discover valuable information. Then, the results will be processed and reviewed with the client to be approved and used in the project. After determining the working mechanism, our analysts test all aspects of the final output and follow up for anything needed.

TS2G searches for employees in the Technical Field, sort them according to accurate criteria, and network them with the clients. Our remote recruitment services allow you to quickly fill your resource requirements and take advantage of efficiency and convenient prices.

TS2G deeply values start-ups and the pioneering youth. It provides support for these ideas through training, consultancies, partnerships, and others to help them proceed aggressively towards their objectives.

Our experts possess the advanced skills required to create motion graphics based on the client’s specifications. They combine animation with text components to reach a final video expressing the initial idea clearly and attractively. They also offer comprehensive UX/UI services to design the tech products’ interfaces and visual elements elegantly and attractively and guarantee an optimal user experience through maintaining flexibility and ease of use.

TS2G programmers are certified to build mobile apps for both IOS and Android systems. They possess a comprehensive understanding of languages tied with each system and follow world-class procedures to enhance the app. They can create installable software bundles, implement the backend services, and test the final application on the targeted device. 

We provide our clients with professionally-programmed control panels for their technical products and websites. They allow them to make changes in their computer software features wherever they are and manage the projects’ processes as swiftly as possible.